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The e-Registry System of the Hong Kong Companies Registry

e-Registry is a 24-hour portal developed by the Companies Registry to facilitate electronic submission of applications for company incorporation, specified forms and other documents. To provide with a convenient and integrated service, e-Registry also serves as a one-stop platform for company incorporation and business registration whereby any online application for company incorporation will be deemed to be an application for business registration simultaneously.

Electronic services for one-stop company incorporation and business registration, and submission of notifications of changes of company names for local companies are available.

Electronic services are available for submission of commonly filed specified forms for reporting changes of registered office addresses, changes of directors/reserve directors/company secretaries and their particulars, and changes of share capital and annual returns. However, documents which are neither specified forms nor required to be delivered to the Companies Registry together with the specified forms, cannot be submitted through the e-Registry channel. These will need to submitted to the Companies Registry in hard copy form. 

Registration for Electronic services

Users are required to register with the Companies Registry before using the services provided at the e-Registry and registration is free of charge.

Individual User Account

Any individual who wishes to use the e-Registry services can register for an individual user account. An individual director / secretary / authorised representative / manager / authorised person of a company who is authorised to sign documents electronically on behalf of the company must register as a user.

Company User Account

A local or a non-Hong Kong company registered under the Companies Ordinance with the Companies Registry or any unincorporated business registered with the Inland Revenue Department under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310 of the Laws of Hong Kong) can register for a company user account.

Annual Return e-Reminder Service

This service is free of charge. Local private companies having a share capital which have registered Company User accounts with the e-Registry will automatically receive electronic notifications for filing annual returns on their most recent anniversary dates of incorporation. Individual Users who have established account association with the Company Users may subscribe to the Annual Return e-Reminder Service to receive electronic notifications for filing annual returns. Users can access the e-Registry through a hyperlink provided in the notifications for electronic submission of Annual Returns (e-Form NAR1).

Third Party Software Interface (TPSI)

Registered users can use the TPSI function to submit their duly completed and signed electronic files of specified forms which are generated by third party software (i.e. software which is developed in-house or purchased from software vendor), in specified interface file formats with or without attachments, to the Registry.

REgistration of Registered Agents

Company and Individual Users of the e-Registry may register their agents for the purpose of electronic filing at the e-Registry free of charge. A Registered Agent, who is essentially an authorised person, can be a company or an individual. Before a Registered Agent can act on behalf of his/her principal for the purpose of electronic filing, the agent must be authorised and registered by the principal as his/her agent at the e-Registry.

The e-Registry can be accessed round the clock at www.eregistry.gov.hk. Registration of a user account is required prior to using e-Registry services.

For registration, applicants for an individual user account are required to either (i) submit a certified true copy of his/her identification document (Hong Kong identity card or overseas passport, certified by notary public, solicitor, certified practicing accountant, officer of court or professional company secretary practicising in Hong Kong, or a consular officer of home country of non-Hong Kong resident); (ii) submit an electronic certificate (e.g Hongkong Post e-Cert (Personal certificate); or (iii) present the same in person at the Public Search Centre of the Companies Registry.

For registration, applicants for company user accounts are required to input the company number and company code at the e-Registry system (for incorporated companies) or provide a copy of the valid business registration certificate (for unincorporated businesses registered with the Inland Revenue Department).

Following a review of applicant’s particulars and identification documents, the Companies Registry will provide the applicant with details on how to activate the user account by email.