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In 2012 we expanded our practice by opening up a branch office in Yangon so we can assist clients doing business in Myanmar. Charltons’ lawyers have enjoyed long held personal and professional relationships with Burmese business leaders and international investors pursuing opportunities in Myanmar. We are immensely proud and excited about being one of the very first overseas law firms to open up a branch office in Myanmar and to be in a position to support both new and existing clients doing business in Myanmar, from a local base.

Myanmar continues to undergo enormous economic, political and social transformation. The laws and procedures regulating investment in Myanmar have recently been overhauled. The new investment regime – although still comparatively restrictive – has resulted in increased interest and optimism from the global business community. However, Myanmar remains a challenging business environment, and there are numerous local considerations, which include, among other things, the remittance of currency, applications for government approvals and licenses, rental of commercial space, and the selection of the joint venture partners, which investors need to take into account when evaluating investment opportunities.

When necessary, Charltons works in cooperation with highly regarded local lawyers to offer clients an extensive suite of legal services. Our goal is to combine international best practice with local knowledge to help our clients formulate and put in place the local strategies that best match their business needs and goals. Lawyers from our Hong Kong office travel to Myanmar on a regular basis. We also offer secondment positions to Myanmar lawyers seeking to gain valuable practice experience in Hong Kong.

The Charltons team in Myanmar advise on a wide range of general corporate matters including but not limited to the establishment of operations (together with all relevant applications to government departments and agencies), on-going fillings, company secretarial services, the establishment of joint ventures, local due diligence, offshore investment structures, share subscriptions in local companies (together with the establishment of trust arrangements where applicable), investment in the natural resources sector, Myanmar company legal advice and other Myanmar company law matters.

For further information about investing in Myanmar please refer to our presentation on “Doing Business in Myanmar”.

For further information about investing in Myanmar’s natural resource sector please refer to our presentations “Advising Oil and Gas Companies in Myanmar” and “Advising Mining Companies in Myanmar”.

For further information about Myanmar’s new foreign investment regime please refer to our newsletters on the 2012 Foreign Investment Law and the 2013 Foreign Investment Rules.

For further information about our charitable and pro-bono work in Myanmar together with charitable and socially responsible initiatives supported by our clients please click here.

Our Myanmar practice advises on the following:

  • Company incorporation in Myanmar
  • Applications to the Myanmar Investment Commission
  • Company filings
  • Winding up in Myanmar
  • The establishment of Myanmar branch and representative offices
  • Applications for Permits to Trade
  • Banking and financial services
  • Oil and gas
  • Investing under the Myanmar Foreign Investment Law
  • Capital requirements and remittance
  • Myanmar capital markets
  • Mining
  • The application of Myanmar’s Foreign Investment Rules
  • Myanmar foreign exchange
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Establishment of businesses in special economic zones
  • Tax
  • Property
  • Hotels and tourism

Charltons also offers a comprehensively range of legal and corporate advisory services from incorporation onwards, including but not limited to corporate nominee services and bank account opening and registered office services, together with company secretarial services such as the filing of annual returns, notifications of change of address of registered office and change of particulars of company secretaries and directors, changes to share capital, returns of allotments, the renewals of business registration certificates and the convening of annual general meetings.

Charltons has expanded their Hong Kong legal practice by opening up a branch office in Yangon. We can assist companies doing business in Myanmar. We have experience in Myanmar company law and can offer Myanmar company legal advice and services.

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