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Charltons is a boutique law firm focusing on Hong Kong corporate finance law, and in particular:

Corporate Finance & Capital Markets

We have a track record of over 20 years representing major multinational clients on complex cross border transactions as well as domestic transactions. In recent years, we have also developed distinctive experience in advising both Hong Kong listed and non-listed mineral companies within the PRC and internationally. Visit our dedicated Hong Kong natural resources law website. We are experienced in advising local and international companies, controlling shareholders, sponsors and underwriters on initial public offerings on both the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the GEM market. We are also well recognised for our work advising companies on the legal requirements and implications of their capital raising on listing and we provide ongoing advice to listed companies regarding their compliance with continuing obligations under the Hong Kong Listing Rules. We have particular experience in advising controlling shareholders of large companies seeking IPOs on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and have considerable depth of knowledge to guide them through the listing process especially where their interests diverge from those of the company itself and the sponsor underwriter. Charltons can offer experience in Hong Kong corporate finance law and in Hong Kong capital markets law. To learn more visit: Hong Kong corporate finance law and capital markets legal practice.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise on Hong Kong M&A law and  cross-border M&A transactions, including public takeovers, corporate restructurings and joint ventures. Leveraging our deep understanding of Hong Kong M&A law, we provide incisive legal input taking into account the political, cultural, commercial and legal background. We are frequently working as lead counsel to coordinate teams of lawyers in relevant jurisdictions internationally to achieve practical and integrated solutions for our clients. We are particularly experienced in bridging the cultural divide which can exist between Chinese and Western counterparts in complex cross-border M&A transactions. As legal adviser, we provide both big picture and detailed guidance for M&A transactions from the early stages of planning and structuring the transaction to identifying business and legal issues during the due diligence process to negotiating and drafting legal documentation and all completion steps. Throughout the process, we work closely with other professionals, including accountants and legal advisers from other jurisdictions to identify issues and find appropriate solutions. We can offer clients our years of expeience dealing with Hong Kong M&A law. For further details on our Hong Kong M&A law practice visit: Charltons Hong Kong M&A law

Regulatory & Securities

Current international trends suggest there will be a further tightening of financial and securities regulation, and Hong Kong is no exception. Hong Kong regulators are stepping up efforts to provide a wider range of protections for investors and the regulation of market participants. In view of the increasing expectations of the investing public and regulators, companies and financial institutions are constantly required to comply with higher levels of corporate governance. Charltons can help clients navigate the changing regulatory landscape. As the legal advisers to financial institutions and multinational corporate clients, we are committed to keeping our clients up-to-date on relevant regulatory and compliance requirements. Keeping track of the latest developments in relevant law and regulation is critical to our clients. We also respond quickly to any proposed changes to be made to the current legal and regulatory regime, and regularly provide up-to-date training and seminars to the directors and senior management of our corporate, investing banking and securities industry clients. Learn more about our Regulatory, Securities and Derivatives Law Practice.

Hong Kong Natural Resources Law

Charltons advises on Hong Kong natural resources law and our Hong Kong natural resources law practice has grown on the strength of China’s demand for capital and overseas acquisitions in the mineral sector. The firm has extensive experience in assisting junior and mid-cap mineral companies raising capital in the Hong Kong and China markets. The firm has keen involvement in dozens of cross border M&A transactions in the mineral sector in recent years, often with a lead coordinating role. Most recently Charltons has been involved in mineral investment projects in Myanmar, where the firm has opened an office. Charltons has extensive experience in Hong Kong natural resources law. Access our Hong Kong Natural Resources Law website.

Corporate and Commercial

The importance to businesses of commercially aware corporate legal advisers who can advise on all corporate and commercial aspects of transactions cannot be underestimated. We are experienced in assisting businesses in negotiations, communications, strategic planning and commercial legal documentation. We provide legal advice across the commercial spectrum including on contractual arrangements, internal management and employment issues, joint ventures, franchise agreements and third party contracts and arrangements. Charltons advises on all aspects of Hong Kong corporate finance law and Hong Kong commercial law. Learn more about Hong Kong Corporate and Commercial Law.

Funds: China & Offshore

We have considerable experience advising on fund formation and management in relation to offshore funds, Hong Kong based funds and China investment funds. We work with clients to design and develop creative and flexible structures that maximise fund raising opportunities under the prevailing legal and regulatory regimes in Hong Kong, the PRC and other relevant jurisdictions. Our derivatives practice covers the structuring of listed and unlisted derivative warrants, subscription warrants, options and similar investments. We have an extensive practice advising on licensing for securities and futures deals and related activities, as well as on going regulatory compliance and the marketing of securities and derivatives products. We advise on the structuring and formation of investment fund and funds managers as well as on regulatory issues relating to marketing, licensing and fund management. We work closely with a number of professional advisers, including offshore lawyers, PRC lawyers, custodians, administrators and registrars. We advise on establishing private equity funds in Hong Kong and in offshore jurisdictions and are involved in the planning, structuring and formation of private equity funds including company, multiportfolio and Limited partnership structures. We also advise hedge funds engaging in a broad spectrum of strategies in relation to the use of leverage and derivatives and investment approach. Given the distinct nature of a hedge fund, our focus is advising on regular compliance, risk control, and the level of disclosures in the placing documentation. For further information on our practice relating to investment funds visit: China, Hong Kong & Offshore Funds.

Private Equity & Hedge Funds Investment

Charltons advises both fund managers (including PE and hedge fund managers) and companies seeking private equity investments, whether as pre-IPO investment, greenfield or other longer term investment. Charltons acts for a number of Hong Kong and international fund management groups making investments in a range of industry sectors, mainly in Hong Kong, the PRC and Myanmar. Some natural resources investment advisory projects extend to Central Asia, South America and Africa as well as elsewhere in Asia. Our work often includes involvement from the term sheet stage, extensive due diligence and drafting documentation providing full protections for the PE fund and its manager. The Firm also has a mining practice advising mainly Hong Kong, the PRC and Taiwan based businesses which successfully obtain institutional investment. Our advice focuses on maintaining maximum operating flexibility in the investment documentation for the investee company whilst bringing the benefits of institutional reputation and expertise as well as investment to the business. Visit Hong Kong Private Equity and Hedge Fund Investment in Hong Kong for further details on our practice.

Hong Kong Corporate Restructuring

We advise companies and their financial advisers facing financial challenges and corporate restructuring. We have experience in all areas of Hong Kong corporate restructuring law. Responding quickly and comprehensively in the context of financial and corporate restructurings is crucial. We work together with other professional advisers in order to implement solutions. We have extensive experience of “reverse takeovers” under the Hong Kong Listing Rules and the restructuring of listed and unlisted debt securities. We are also experienced in working with professionals in the PRC in relation to restructuring, insolvency and debt-restructuring issues in the PRC, including the restructuring of loans to PRC borrowers and on matters relating to PRC insolvent companies. For further information please visit: Hong Kong Commercial Restructuring Practice.

Charltons is a boutique law firm focusing on Hong Kong corporate finance law, and in particular:

  • Hong Kong Capital markets
  • Hong Kong M&A law
  • Hong Kong Regulatory and securities (including stocks & derivatives)
  • Hong Kong natural resources law
  • Hong Kong Corporate & commercial
  • Hong Kong private equity and funds practice
  • Hong Kong corporate restructuring
  • Offshore and China Funds

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