Hong Kong’s Market Statistics for 2020

Hong Kong’s IPO proceeds for the full year of 2020 was USD 51.279 billion, losing out to NASDAQ with USD 57.301 billion. The total equity funds raised was HK$ 743,654.5 million in 2020, compared with HK$ 454,247 million in 2019, a 63.713% increase. At the end of 2020, a total of 2,538 companies were listed on HKEX with a total market capitalisation of HK$ 47,523.8 billion.[1]

The number of newly listed companies for 2020 totalled 154, down from 183 in 2019, with 25 companies listing under the three new chapters to the Main Board Listing Rules (Chapter 8A, 18A and 19C), introduced on 30 April 2018, 12 of which were Biotech listings.[2]  

Hong Kong’s market position was bolstered by two of the world’s top four biggest listings of the year, JD.com, raising HK$ 34.6 billion and JD Health International, raising HK$ 26.95 billion.[3]

NASDAQ was the world’s largest IPO market of 2020 with USD 57,301 million raised, while Shanghai was 3rd, raising USD 49,419 million.[4] Shanghai’s STAR Market holds the world’s largest IPO of 2020 with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., raising USD 7.5 billion.[5]

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