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Private wealth, trusts & family offices

In the dynamic landscape of private wealth management, Hong Kong has emerged as a premier destination for affluent individuals and families seeking comprehensive solutions for preserving, managing, and transferring their wealth. With its robust legal framework, favourable tax environment, and world-class financial infrastructure, Hong Kong offers a conducive environment for private wealth, trusts, and family offices.

Hong Kong’s strategic location as an international financial hub, coupled with its legal system based on English common law, makes it an attractive jurisdiction for private wealth management. The city offers a wide range of wealth preservation tools, including trusts, foundations, and corporate structures, enabling individuals and families to tailor their wealth management strategies to their specific needs and objectives.

Trusts, in particular, are a powerful tool for asset protection, tax optimization, and facilitating seamless wealth transfer across generations. Family offices provide a centralized platform for coordinating investment management, financial planning, tax optimization, philanthropy, and family governance. They assist affluent families in preserving wealth, implementing effective investment strategies, and navigating complex legal and regulatory landscapes.


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