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Ongoing Company Secretarial Services

Charltons provides a wide range of high quality value-added company secretarial services aimed to help your company navigate every stage from establishment to deregistration and winding up.

We advise clients on meeting all relevant compliance and administrative requirements by ensuring that corporate records are professionally maintained and kept up to date and by ensuring that all statutory filings are made on time. We further provide our clients with updates on changes to Hong Kong company law and regulations relevant to their businesses and advice on the compliance with current and updated standards of corporate governance.

In particular, we understand the importance of maintaining ongoing company secretarial services to clients who are not resident in Hong Kong and do not travel to Hong Kong on a regular basis. Our overseas clients rely on our guidance in order to meet filing deadlines and stay abreast of relevant Hong Kong corporate and Hong Kong company law developments.

Charltons provides a board range of company secretarial services including the filing of annual returns, notifications of change of address of registered office and change of secretary and director (appointment / cessation), changes of particulars of secretary and director, notifications of increase in nominal share capital, returns of allotments, renewals of business registration certificates and the convening of annual general meetings. For further details on our ongoing Hong Kong company secretarial services, please click here.

Charltons also provides assistance with company secretarial services in Myanmar. For further details on the Myanmar company secretarial services we offer, please click here.

Charltons is experienced in providing quality company secretarial services and legal administration services to private limited liability companies, public companies, charities and societies incorporated or registered with the Companies Registry in Hong Kong.

Our services include the following:

  • acting as named secretary of the company in the name of “Felix Corporate Services Limited”
  • establishment and incorporation of company
  • preparation and keeping of statutory records (including registers)
  • preparing documentation (including minutes and resolutions) in relation to directors and shareholders’ meetings, including annual and extraordinary general meeting documents (including notices and resolutions)
  • advising, preparing and attending the filing of statutory documents and notifications, including annual returns, change of directors, issue and allotment of shares, increase of authorised capital, change of registered office/location of statutory records etc.
  • amendment to articles of association
  • applications for business registration certificates and renewals
  • assistance in the opening of bank accounts
  • act as registered office (charged on an annual basis)
  • other legal and company secretarial matters which may be of a more ad hoc nature. Such matters, which may be charged separately from our annual retainers as our client’s company secretary, include, inter alia:

– preparing minutes / resolutions for directors/shareholders’ meetings (and attendance if necessary)

– preparing special resolutions

– documentation for removal of directors

– advising on special classes / preferential rights for shareholders/members

– advising on shareholders’ agreements

– advising on private equity and investments

– advising on regulatory and licensing issues (relating to marketing and placing etc.)

– assist in share transfers and stamping

– advising on share repurchases

– advising on capitalisations

– advising on restructurings

– registration of registrable security and charges

– advising on liquidation and deregistration processes and documentation of the same

– conversion of private company into public company

– advising on other corporate matters and issues

We provide our company secretarial services through “Felix Corporate Services Limited” and all filings and correspondences with the Companies Registry on company secretarial matters relating to Hong Kong private or public companies to which we service will be carried out under this name.


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