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Cross Border Coordination

Cross border advisory and transactional matters, and cross border coordination, are an integral part of our firm’s activities. Our team comprises multi-cultural and multi-lingual lawyers with considerable experience of legal due diligence in international M&A deals, instructing local counsel and coordinating multi-jurisdictional legal advice, offering a single point of contact and integrated legal solutions to the client. The firm also has extensive personal links with firms in over 60 countries worldwide, and can provide a tailored and cost-effective due diligence service based on a client’s requirements, budget and risk profile. We have awareness of the differences and nuances in local business and legal cultures, as well as transparency issues in particular jurisdictions. Our lawyers provide an insightful and highly personalised service to clients, often working round the clock to deliver on transactions spanning several time zones.

Charltons can help to organise the information gathering process and often on larger transactions and auction sales where we are acting for the vendor, we will assist in setting up an online data room for buyers to access when conducting due diligence. Where it is necessary to interview the management of the target company, we can coordinate conference calls or virtual and/or physical meetings with the relevant personnel. We can also organise site visits when required.

We will also coordinate with financial advisers, accountants, auditors, tax advisers and other parties involved in financial and tax due diligence in order to consolidate findings and communicate areas of concern in an efficient manner. Often we will produce a consolidated legal due diligence report for our client covering all relevant jurisdictions.

We will review legal due diligence results and identify red flags. We aim to provide useful and actionable information for clients, to enable them to proactively assess and mitigate the risks involved when making acquisitions. We can also structure and draft key transaction documentation to address transaction risks and purchase price adjustments arising from legal due diligence findings.

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