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We are currently a member of two global legal associations comprised of reputable member firms practicing in major financial centres around the globe, including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia. We have established close relationships with member firms and share a commitment to jointly provide cross-border personalised legal services to international clients. Our connection with these global legal networks enables our clients to be able to choose the right law firm with the appropriate expertise in the particular jurisdiction, and enables us to provide our clients with access to leading law firms around the world.

As a member of these legal legal networks, we from time to time attend members meetings and conference to enhance our relationships with the members firms and our understanding of their practice. Through these meetings, we are able to educate ourselves about the issues that matter most to our clients in the different jurisdictions represented. Meeting lawyers from leading law firms from all over the world enables us to stay in touch with the latest developments in the global legal environment. We also take the opportunity to share with other member firms our experience and views in relation to the events happening in our region.

Our relationship with PRC and offshore lawyers

In our active China related practice, we have developed close relationships with a number of reputable PRC law firms in a variety of provinces and major cities, including but not limited to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen. To ensure that our clients have access to the latest legal development in China, our lawyers often travel around China to explore the latest local practice as well as to meet PRC legal practitioners.

Apart from China, we understand that the best structure for our clients’ transactions may involve the establishment of operations in a number of jurisdictions, in particular, in offshore jurisdictions. We appreciate the benefits of operating in these regions and we regularly work with a select set of law firms that practicing in these jurisdictions, including Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Jersey. With the law firm network that we have developed, we are able to provide clients with innovative and practical solutions having regard to the relevant legal regimes.

Our association with Boase Cohen & Collins in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, to extend our reach of client service capabilities, we work in association with Boase Cohen & Collins, a boutique law firm that offers a full and comprehensive range of legal services to a broad cross section of clients. Their core practice areas include civil and criminal litigation, dispute resolution (including arbitration and mediation), matrimonial, intellectual property, probate, immigration, personal injury, employment and labour. We, together with Boase Cohen & Collins, operate as a full service law firm to meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

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