As an award winning Hong Kong law firm, we recruit people with ambition, drive and determination from a wide variety of backgrounds who are committed develop innovative commercial solutions for clients and work well as a part of our team.

International exposure

We are consistently ranked as one of the top boutique law firms in Hong Kong.  We work on sophisticated commercial matters on an international stage with sophisticated clients.  Our lawyers are often involved in challenging and complicated transactions which usually involve a diversity of jurisdictions and culture.  As part of our legal team, you often have the opportunities to travel abroad.

We always value you as a team member

Charltons adopts an open-door policy among lawyers where lawyers are always invited to communicate with other members in the team, in particular, the senior lawyers, for input.  We value team spirit and we encourage active participation and day-to-day communication among ourselves.  As a team, we share experience and insights and encourage free flow of information and know-how.

Quality work

We act for distinctive and outstanding international clients, which include forefront international corporations and institutions from different industries.  As leaders in their respective market, our clients are often involved in complicated global transactions and that brings an enviable volume of quality corporate and commercial work.

Friendly and supportive work environment

A distinctive culture – the absence of billing and time-recorded targets means that our lawyers are always willing to support each other and share expertise: the atmosphere here is friendly, not competitive. There is also a high regard for the individual – our lawyers are free to develop their own practices and to take on as much responsibility as they can handle

Respect for women

In view of the increasing involvement of women in this century, while we highly treasure the contribution made by women in our firm as well as the legal profession, we always provide a flexible and supportive environment for women to balance family and career commitments.

Charltons offers lawyers and support staff a dynamic working environment. At Charltons you will have the opportunity to work closely with clients on a broad range of complex commercial transactions together. Our people enjoy rewarding legal career development and training to improve their existing abilities and develop new skills.

What we believe

Our people as our greatest asset

We believe our people are our greatest asset and investing in talents is essential in the long-term growth of our firm.  We recruit the best people and develop their abilities to reach his/her full potential.  We look for people who share our values and philosophy to commit to provide the highest standard of legal services as well as to serve the community. On a long term basis, we retain and promote employees who add value to our practice and maintain our commitment to our clients and the community.

Our culture and work environment

Practising in a dynamic global market, we respect all talents with different backgrounds as an individual, and provide training and full support to all individuals in our firm to develop their skills and abilities to the fullest extent.  We value contributions made by all levels of employees and provide a supportive, encouraging, positive and rewarding working environment.


We strive to maintain a diverse workplace and accommodate people with different cultures and background.  We recognise the importance of having a diversified team of professionals with local knowledge and provide legal services at international standards.  We speak different languages and dialects and often embrace diverse legal communities under a global transaction.  Diversity also broadens our horizons, skills and global knowledge and enhances our sensitivity to the latest development in this fast-changing financial market.

As a team

We understand all individuals are unique.  We therefore accept differences and work as a team.  We fully understand the importance of combining the joint effort of our team members from different qualifications, experience and culture to deliver first class legal services to our diverse clients that span the world.  Whatever your role, we value your contribution and are committed to respect and develop personal qualities.  We adopt an open-door policy and encourage effective communication within the firm. We welcome team players who are looking to extend their legal career and are looking for a corporate finance law job in a top Hong Kong law firm.

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