Hong Kong SFC Consults on Proposed Regulatory Requirements for Hong Kong’s new Virtual Asset Service Provider Regime

SFC Consultation on Hong Kong Licensing Regime for Virtual Asset Exchanges

SFC’s proposal to allow retail access to Hong Kong licensed VA trading platforms

Trading in virtual asset derivatives

Other adaptations to existing requirements to be incorporated into the VATP Guidelines

SFC’s proposed requirements for insurance/compensation arrangements

Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism (For Licensed Corporations and SFC-licensed Virtual Asset Service Providers)

Transitional Arrangements and Implementation Details of the AMLO VASP Regime

Responding to the SFC Hong Kong VASP Consultation

Hong Kong VASP requirements prior to onboarding retail investors

Requirements concerning governance of Hong Kong licensed VA trading platform operators

Hong Kong VA Token due diligence and admission criteria
Hong Kong licensed VA trading platform operator disclosure obligations
Pre-existing VA trading platforms which intend to qualify for the deeming arrangement and apply for a licence
Pre-existing VA trading platforms which do not intend to apply for a licence
VA trading platforms already existing in Hong Kong
Dual licences
Questions relating to the Hong Kong VASP licensing regime on which the SFC wishes to solicit feedback
General Hong Kong VASP token admission criteria
Specific token admission criteria – the relevant virtual asset must be an “eligible large-cap virtual asset”
Other Hong Kong token due diligence requirements

CH-019998 (Webpage Portal)
2023-02-27 (Published)
2023-02-27 (Updated)