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As Hong Kong has developed into a leading fundraising market for world mineral companies, Charltons has been at the forefront of advising mineral companies on listings under Chapter 18 of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules.

We provide high impact advice to both public and private resource companies across the entire spectrum of corporate and capital markets transactions, from joint ventures and pre-listing restructurings, to IPOs and other equity and debt financings, M&A and asset sales. We also advise on a wide variety of natural resources related agreements including infrastructure agreements, service agreements, off-take / take or pay agreements, farm-in / farm-out agreements, consultancy contracts, royalty agreements, production sharing contracts and exploration and development joint venture agreements.

Charltons works with a network of law firms worldwide and frequently coordinates advice from firms practising in the world’s leading natural resource jurisdictions. We are therefore positioned to offer our clients an integrated service on a broad range of resource related transactions which almost always have an international dimension.

For more detailed information about Charltons’ mineral companies services, experience and transaction highlights please visit our dedicated natural resources law website.

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