Charltons attends Legalink Spring 2024 Conference

Highlights from the Avrio Advocati Spring Conference in Derry, N. Ireland

Kim Larkin was delighted to represent Charltons at the Spring 2024 conference of Legalink Global Network of Independent Law Firms hosted in Stockholm by Swedish member firm, Hellström Advokatbyrå KB. Congratulations to Mats Hellström and Göran Andersson and the Legalink committee on a fascinating series of presentations, including by Mark Brolin on geopolitics and war and the implications for legal practitioners, and by Armen Khachaturyan of Ukraine member firm, Asters. Meetings on a regional and practice area basis provided meaningful opportunities for delegates to discuss how to best collaborate and leverage their expertise in acting on cross-border deals to offer clients tailored international legal services with trusted law firms across Legalink’s network of 80 independent law firms.

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