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Hong Kong Law

September 2005

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Charltons - Hong Kong Law Newsletter - Issue 28 - 29 September 2005

Prospectus Regime Reforms Hong Kong SFC

Unification Of Companies Ordinance And SFO Regimes Hong Kong

Public Offering of Shares Hong Kong

Prospectus Regime Hong Kong Company Bodies Place of Incorporation

Anti-Avoidance Mechanism Section 41 Companies Ordinance Hong Kong Avoid Prospectus Regime

Public offering of shares in and debentures of companies Hong Kong

Transfer Prospectus Regime To The SFO

Transaction-based approach Document-based approach Verbal offering

Offers of options or other rights over shares or debentures

Exemption Takeover And Merger Offers And Schemes Of Arrangement In Compliance With Laws Of A Company's Home Jurisdiction

Misstatements Civil Liability for Untrue Statements Secondary Market Purchasers Removal Of Requirement For Proof Of Reliance On Prospectus
Misstatements Reasonable Belief Defence Untrue Statement in Prospectus Expert Statements
Prospectus Overall Disclosure Standard Content Requirements
Prospectuses for rights issues and issues of shares or debentures that are uniform with listed shares or debentures Disclosure Standards
Central online document repository incorporated into a prospectus by reference