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Hong Kong Law

October 2005

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Charltons - Hong Kong Law Newsletter - Issue 29 - 03 October 2005

Hedge Fund Guidelines Hong Kong

Chapter 8.7 of the Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds Hong Kong

Management Company Responsibilities Hong Kong

Hedge Fund Guidelines Hong Kong Prohibition On Investing In Unlimited Liability Vehicles

Chapter 8.7 of the Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds Disclosure Relating To Calculation Of Performance Fees "Equalisation" in Calculation of Performance Fees Hong Kong

Acceptability of a Management Company as a Retail Hedge Fund Manager Hong Kong

Hedge Fund Companies Key Personnel's Experience Requirements 5 years’ relevant experience Chapter 8.7(A)(ii)

Disclosure of relationship with prime brokers and the level of collateralisation

Disclosure Of Ring Fencing Arrangements sub-funds within an umbrella structure offering document

Proprietary Trading By FoHFs Prohibition SFC permission currency hedging activities

Independent Valuation of a SFC Authorised Scheme Disclosure Valuation Agent Offering Document
Minimum Subscription For Single Hedge Funds
Offering Document Disclosure Measures and safeguards put in place for the management of conflicts of interest
Redemption In Specie Prior Consent of the Individual Redeeming Holder
Compulsory Redemption Management Company Reasonably Satisfied that it is for the Overall Benefit of The Scheme