Please join us for a webinar on the HKEX Consultation Paper on the Listing Regime for Overseas Issuers at 5pm HKT 25 May 2021

Webinar | The HKEX Consultation Paper on the Listing Regime for Overseas Issuers | 25 May at 5 pm HKT

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This 90 minutes webinar starts at 5pm (HKT) on 25 May 2021 and will cover:

  • an overview of the key changes to the HKEX Listing Rules to implement the HKEX’s proposals to (i) simplify the listing requirements for companies incorporated outside of Hong Kong and the PRC (Overseas Companies) and (ii) that all HKEX listed companies should provide the same level of shareholder protection irrespective of the company’s place of incorporation and the nature of the listing.
  • the HKEX listing regime for overseas companies, looking at the issues that the HKEX Consultation Paper has identified in this respect. In the context of the HKEX Consultation Paper, this will provide participants with an understanding of the distinction between acceptable and recognised jurisdictions, the complexity of the listing requirements for Overseas Companies and inconsistent shareholder protection standards.
  • an outline of the HKEX’s proposed shareholder protection standards to give participants an understanding of the proposed key shareholder protections which will be applicable to all HKEX listed companies.
  • a multiple choice quiz in relation to the above.
  • the HKEX’s proposal to extend the secondary listing regime and an overview of the HKEX’s proposal to expand the HKEX’s secondary listing regime. Additionally, this part of the session will cover the issues identified in respect of the current secondary listing regime and the HKEX’s proposals regarding the secondary listing regime.
  • the expansion of the dual primary listing regime and an understanding of the issues identified by the HKEX in respect of dual primary listings and the proposal to allow companies to dual primary list on the HKEX while maintaining their existing weighted voting rights structures and variable interest entity structures.
  • further multiple choice quiz and an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

We look forward to meeting you for the webinar!

You can watch the webinar by following the link.