The launch of FSBC’s Green Investment Bank concept paper

On 24 October 2017, Julia Charlton, Chair of Eurocham-FSBC, moderated a panel at the launch of the European Chamber – Financial Services Business Council’s bold and innovative concept paper “Leading Asia’s Financial Future – Hong Kong Green Investment Bank”.

Julia Charlton moderates Eurocham Panel on launch of Hong Kong Green Investment Bank – 24 October 2017

The seminar was opened by remarks from Ching Yng Choi, Deputy Chair of Eurocham-FSBC, of the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry, and was followed by two keynote presentations from Alexandra Tracy of Hoi Ping Ventures, the lead author of the paper, and from William Lee of PwC. Alexandra Tracy stressed the necessity for the establishment of Hong Kong’s own Green Investment Bank in order for Hong Kong to maintain its competitiveness. Julia Charlton thereafter moderated an 80% female panel with the participation of Alexandra Tracy, Katherine Ng of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Stratos Pourzitakis of Asian Private Banker, Karine Hirn of East Capital, and Julia Brickell of IFC.

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