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November 2007

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Charltons - Hong Kong Law Newsletter - Issue 54 - 06 November 2007

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited HKEx

convertible bond

HKEx Listing Decisions

Series 59 Listing Decisions

Listing decision 59-1 to 59-7

Listing decision 36-1 and Listing decision 55-1, 55-2, and 55-3

Listing Decision 59-2 – guaranteed discount to the IPO price and a negative pledge

Listing Decision 59-4 – grant veto rights

Listing Decision 59-5 – special rights available to bondholders

Listing Decision 59-6 – special rights available to Pre-IPO investor

Listing Decision 59-7 – company holding convertible bonds in a GEM company
Pre-IPO Placing
Full disclosure in the prospectus
Listing Rule 2.03
Listing Rule 9.09