HKEx Enforcement Sanctions Statement

HKEx Guidance Note on Cooperation

HKEx Listing Rules

Disciplinary Committee HKEx

Listing Review Committee HKEx

Sanctions for Breaches of HKEx Listing Rules

Mitigating or Aggravating Factors for HKEx Listing Rule Breach

HKEx Listing Rules Misconduct

Main Board Rule 2A.10

GEM Rule 3.11
HKEx Declaration and Undertaking with regard to Directors
HKEx Listing Rules Cooperative Conduct
HKEx Listing Rules Uncooperative Conduct
Consultation Conclusions of Review of Listing Rules Relating to Disciplinary Powers and Sanctions
HKEx Listing Rules Legal Professional Privilege
HKEx Listing Rule Changes Disciplinary Powers and Sanctions

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2022-11-07 (Published)
2022-11-10 (Updated)