Charltons Online Crypto Regulation Forum

Hong Kong Crypto Regulation

Introduction to Charltons online crypto regulation forum:

Please join Charltons for online forum on Crypto Regulation in Hong Kong.

The online forum will be held in SEVEN webinars of one hour each, as follows:

Webinar I:   5 – 6 pm   08 January 2021
Webinar II:   5 – 6 pm   15 January 2021
Webinar III:   5 – 6 pm   22 January 2021
Webinar IV:   5 – 6 pm   29 January 2021
Webinar V:   5 – 6 pm   05 February 2021
Webinar VI:   5 – 6 pm   19 February 2021
Webinar VII:   5 – 6 pm   26 February 2021

All times are Hong Kong time

About the online forum:

The seven webinar online forum will cover the following topics and participants may enroll in those they wish to attend via the registration page.

For Hong Kong solicitor / trainee solicitor participants wishing to claim Hong Kong Law Society CPD points, there is 1 CPD point per webinar (ie, a maximum of 7 CPD points upon completion of all seven parts).

Webinar I will provide participants with a foundation on which the subsequent webinars will build upon, with a focus on key terminology, crypto developments and trends and different regulatory approaches, before turning to a discussion of virtual asset regulation, in particular FATF Standards and revised recommendations (which apply to Hong Kong) as an example of international standard setting in the crypto sphere.

Webinar II will consider the progress that has been made in implementing FATF’s revised recommendations (including Hong Kong’s progress) and the implementation of other AML/CFT obligations. Webinar II and Webinar III will then turn to Hong Kong’s domestic regulation of cryptocurrencies and related activities, laying out the regulatory scope of Hong Kong’s SFC and guiding participants through various Hong Kong SFC statements and Hong Kong regulatory frameworks that comprise the various applicable regulations in Hong Kong.

Webinar IV will then consider the future of cryptocurrency regulation in Hong Kong and what path may be taken.

Webinars V, VI and VII will then open up to a comparative analysis of cryptocurrency regulation in a range of jurisdictions around the world, including Mainland China, Japan, Australia, US, UK, Malta and Gibraltar drawing comparison to the laws and regulations in Hong Kong and the differences and similarities.

Webinar VII will finally conclude with a discussion and analysis of recent developments in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency regulation as they pertain to Hong Kong.

At the end of each webinar, the participants’ knowledge will be tested with a multiple choice quiz which will be administered via zoom. The presenter will then review the answers with the participants, explaining the rationale for each answer, and subsequently, time permitting, each webinar will end with a Q&A.


  • Enrolment limited – enrolments will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please note that Charltons accepts no liability for any non-availability for any CPD Points for any participants whatsoever.