Part II – HKEx: Secondary listing of innovative companies & listing biotech companies

HKEx Secondary listing of innovative companies and listing biotech companies (1st section) Register Now! Register Now! Part II: HKEX: Secondary listing of “innovative” companies and listing biotech companies (1st section)


This part will discuss the concessionary route for secondary listing under Ch.19C of the HKEx Listing Rules. It will provide participants with an in depth discussion of the key definitions, qualifications for listing and other requirements and restrictions. It will also analyse the market trends that led to its introduction and will discuss recent market developments, such as the launch of the Hang Seng Tech Index and Mainland China’s growing role as a listing venue for Chinese technology firms. This part will then turn to a discussion of the listing of pre-revenue biotech companies in Hong Kong under Chapter 18A of the HKEx Listing Rules, with a focus on the impact of the introduction of Ch.18A of the HKEx Listing Rules and an initial discussion of the listing requirements.

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