Congratulations to WellCell Holdings on its successful listing on the Main Board of HKEX

Charltons team, Julia Charlton, Calvin Ho and Oscar Mak and colleagues, were honoured to advise as Hong Kong legal advisers to the joint sponsors, Halcyon Capital Limited (working with Derek Chan, Barton Lai, Mei Chan and Christine Hwang) and Eddid Capital Limited (working with Thomas Yu, Nick Wong, Joyce Qian, Shereen Lu and Chung Kan Pak) as well as the underwriters, with Eddid Securities and Futures Limited (working with Michael P Cheung , Joseph Lam, Joe Ng, FRM &. Melody Poon) as overall coordinator, in connection with the successful listing of WellCell Holdings Co., Limited, 广东经纬天地科技股份有限公司 (stock code: 2477), on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 12 January 2024.

Great also to work with IPO syndicate underwriters and CMI intermediaries including: Roy Hui & Denise Law of Halcyon Securities Limited Team; Diva Hon, Jolin Ma, Jill Chou, Henry Tsang &. Coco Li of China Everbright Securities (HK) Limited; Frankie Ip, Chris Lee, Samuel Yung &. Ronald Wang of Beta International Securities Limited; Kevin Guang &. Ruby (Rui) Tian of CMBC Capital Holdings Limited; Paul Cha , Mego Cheng &. Sia Chen of Ping An Of China Securities (Hong Kong); Louis Chan, Edward Chan, CPA &. Rui (Melinda) LI of Quam Securities Limited; Dominic Cheung &. Xiaoyao Long of Maxa Capital Limited; Ernest Tse, Ding Jin, Yam David, Dick Or &. Eva Lo of SBI China Capital Financial Services Limited; Jason Chan, CPA &. Chris Liu of SPDB International; Richard Chung, Amy Chau &. Edward Lam of Innovax Securities Limited; Maggie Siu, Billy Pun, Jimmy Jim &. Kit Fan of Cinda International Capital Limited; Mike Yeung &. Edwin Mak of Patrons Financial; Wing Pong, Cyrus Ho &. Andrew Chan of ZMF Asset Management Limited; and KA FAI Vincent Lok, Ms Erin Li &. Yang Y. of Goldlink Securities Limited.

It was also a great pleasure to work with Shirley Chui, Nicholas Tsang, Albert Wong, Mandy Cheung, Kelvin Lee, Dongyu Liu & Jade Karlie Tong of TC & Co., Solicitors; Judy Lee, Paul C, Connie Wu &. Kelly Tang of Appleby; Gao Senchuan, Zhao Wei &. Tian Bowen of 北京德和衡律师事务所 Beijing DHH Law Firm; 张国智, Linda Ho, Stefanie Zhou &. Ariel Wang of Dacheng Law Offices; George Cheng, Rayon WH Chu, Andrew Wong, Wien Cheng, CPA, Hailey Chiu, Ben Fu, Jonathan Yam, Roger Li, Harley Wu &. Aki Yeung of PwC; Patrick Rozario, Alvin Lee, Samson Ho &. Kris W. of Moore Hong Kong; and Arden Dai, Glenn Hou, Leon Zhao, Damon (Hai Feng) Wang, Daixuan (Helen) Chai, Olivia Dong, Sherry Jin, Yici Duan &.Carmen Wu of China Insights Consultancy.

Congratulations again to the directors of WellCell Holdings Co., Limited, Jia Zhengyi, Liu Ping, Cong Bin, Lin Qihao, Wu Wing Kuen, Leung Kwong Sak and Yu Chi Wing; financial controller, Chen Shenmao; and core team members Jacky Yiu and Job Tang, as well as Du Qian, Margie Ling, Zhao Yiwen, Yu Tao, Leung Kin Pang, Bosco Chan and Richard Chan on the IPO of WellCell Holdings Co., Limited!

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