Charltons named as a Caring Company 2016-17

Charltons is delighted to have been named as a Caring Company for 2016-17.

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has named Charltons a Caring Company 2016-17, for the second successive year, in recognition of the firm’s commitment to caring for the community, caring for its employees and caring for the environment.

The Caring Company Scheme has been in operation in Hong Kong since 2002. Its aim is to raise awareness and encourage corporate social responsibility, and to promote partnerships between the business and social welfare sectors. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service is an umbrella organisation of over 400 members which provide over 90% of the social welfare in Hong Kong. By working together, businesses and charitable organisations can contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Hong Kong community and the well-bring of our citizens.

Charltons has a substantial pro-bono practice. The culture of giving back to the community is part of Charltons identity. Over the years Charltons has established and advised many Hong Kong based charities and foundations. This track record is something Charltons is proud to continue to build upon and nurture. We are committed to maintaining our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and activities in the future. For more information on Charltons pro-bono and CSR initiatives please visit our website.